Time goes by slowly

Hey everybody....what's goin on ? me nothing just exams and life.
I am really glad that the first semester is pretty much over, but it was slow goin by i found..but then at times it went by too fast so i won't say alot about that.I can't help but be worried about my best bud mike one of his close family members died and i worry about him he says he is fine but i can tell he is really hurt but i am goin to be there for him when he needs someone.
So ya i thought i would be nervous about exams but to my surprise i am not really i only have to write two compared to some people that have to write 4!!
I am lucky in the perspective..woot woot!!lol

Well guess i will go that's my journal for the weekend.

Peace Out!!!
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Rock On!!

Hey everyone Today I am ssooo excited (for once) Because.......................I am goin to buy a guitar (Electric) with an amp and everything "whicked I know".I don't know what color or anything but an guitar my uncle is goin to teach me the cords(yes yes)then I am goin to community school to learn the rest.
so that is the only new news with me.

~Peace Out~

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U Had A Bad Day ?

Hi.........everyone(sleepy), I am soo bored and tired , I don't have much to say as usual.I am at gregs right now just me, He just left with his brother without telling me...so now i am here by myself nothing to do but write in my journal.But what can I do, I don't want to have to resort to homework , that would be bad.
well now I am at school in the morning but go home in the afternoon and do the work by myself
Classes this semester are :Drama, Academic English, Math, Law.
cool eh?sure.
well guess i will go now and do somethin' don't know what thou.

Bye , Bye ~Melissa~

Peace Out
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YES , YES , YES ( it works)

I finally Got this working , Hope U all like it , the stars and all.
Happy , Happy JOY , JOY.
Well nuthing is new with me really just the same old, same old.
Guess I will get goin before I start Blabin.
See ya later everyone.
~Peace out~
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Hello I am back,anyone miss me

First off i wanna say "Hi" I truly missed writing my entrys here but my personal life got too crazy to bother with computers a lot so I am here to tell whoever reads this from my "friends" that i have been on the longest journey off my life so far.From anti-depressant to anti-depressants i fight hard to get better and i think i am .i don't like pills but if they will help me in any way with this fight against depression i am up for it.
So soon it will be school again and back to routines (which i hate the thought of).But i wil start writing here again.
Yes i am still with my bf greg.xoxox
so update soon .
bye bye thanks.
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This Is Not The End But The Start Of A New Beggining

Hello everyone ,
I have been very busy with everything ,Greg and friends,family no time to update(sorry)
But I am sure everything has been okay without me ,right?Right/lol
Ya me and greg are wonderfull
everything is wonderfull in fact.
So that is it u will hear more i promise
But for now this is all u get./lol
see ya
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close ...your eyes.......count to ten...one...two..three...ten

I was never good at playing hid-and-go-seek
I cheated sometimes(I think any kid at some age does too)LOL

Today is the most exciting day............. ooohhh
Go to laura's tonight at 9:00 in the evening and staat drinking our two boxes of "mikes hard lemonade"
We r goin to get some ruined thou greg is getting all spifted up too,hair cut,triming up his facial hair and such.
cool eh?ya I know.
It's goin to be fun we have been looking forward to it this whole damn week and it went by really slow.
well it is here now and that is all that matters (BIG TIME)
guess I will go now talk later.
love ~melisa~
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So what If I Am The Only One Doin It ???

Hello, I am back anyone miss me?I doubt since it has only been one day.(lol)
But ya ,Saturday is sooo close now I can't wait.
School today is goin alright so far,A policeman is coming to my family living class so hopefully he will stay untill the day is over,and then scholl will be over with and the weekend can start.
I had fun last night again ,not that I am complaining ,we got so screwed up BIG TIME.(good times)
latley it has just been a big party for me and laura even with school.
again ~ (Not complaining)
But ya later days
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We R Gonna Party Like It Is 1960 Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>

Ye ha!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend is goin to be the bomb!
Me and laura are goin to chip in together and get some "mikes hard lemonade" for Saterday night *mmmmm....yummy...booze*
Since greg wants to get some beer for himself and he doesn't have that much money me and laura r goin to do our part.
We all went to town last night I got a new t-shirt *light pink,it says on the front "World Music peace Festival".I love it and I got something else but won't tell.
Ya we went to A&W for our food and it was fun.I love shopping.
me and laura want to go to gregs again it's so fun with him!!I HAVE SO FALLEN FOR HIM IT IS NOT FUNNY.Everything is goin soo much better now I am a little afaid to say so thou just incase it goes bad ,but I can't help it.
But anyways guess I will go now and talk to ya's all later.
see ya: ~Melisa~
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